Kampong Jering

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kampung jering is also know as the third village. this is a nick name that is familiar to most ayertawarian. the landmark of kg. jering is a artificial dinasour which claimed to be the largest dinasour in malaysia. well, this is subject to scrutiny as the news article was about 10 years ago. so, no one dare to assure the accuracy of this statement.basically, this is a typical small village with very limited or in fact no developments at all. well, the main economic activity in the village is plantation in which oil palm plays a crucial rule. what about people in kg.jering? well, majority are chinese and among them are dominated by Hock Chew.as other Hock Chew they do eat the traditional food called "mian siang" which is a kind of handmade noodles which is normally eat during birthday so that the eater is blessed to have a long live. what else? well, s.j.k(c)kg.jering is the only primary school in the village. it was one the best school in manjung district in which the percentage of student who passed UPSR was amazingly high. However, if not mistaken, this has now turned into history.